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Custom Birth Kits

Want a quote on a custom birth kit from BirthWithLove? Here's what you do.

  1. Make a list of what you want in your birth kit, it can have things that are not on the site, I will get it for your kit.

  2. Email the list of items for your birth kit to me at Please include your name, phone and address in this email.
    Or call me at 1-800-434-4915

  3. I will email any questions about your birth kit back to you.

  4. I will price your birth kit and email the total back to you.

  5. On your approval your birth kit will be put on the site. See our full birth kit list.

  6. Look over the site and choose additional items to add as options for your birth kit.
    Suggestions are the Aquarium Pool, extra PP pads/sets, sitz bath herbs/bath, etc. Things that you suggest to your clients.

  7. Several copies will be sent to you or emailed to you for you to copy and hand out to clients.

  8. Changes can be made to your birth kit at any time by just calling or emailing me.