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Product Kits - Michelle Patula CPM

NOTE:  Required items are listed with required quantity. Optional items are listed with a quantity of 0.  Adjust optional item quantities to greater than 0 if you wish to order them.

If there are items in your kit you would like to purchase on your own, feel free to delete those from your kit but make sure they are purchased by 37 weeks and put with your kit when you receive it. You may also increase the number if you want more of a particular item.

Underpads 23x36
Minimum: None
SKU: 453053975
Keepsake Birth Certificate
Minimum: None
SKU: 453057497
Glad Black Bags Quick-Tie®
Minimum: None
SKU: 4466
Lube Jelly 3g
Minimum: None
SKU: 453053991
Non-Sterile Latex Bag of Gloves Medium
Minimum: None
SKU: 4434
Umbilical Cord Clamp Sterile Plastic
Minimum: None
SKU: 453057146
Gallon Sized Ziploc Bag
Minimum: None
SKU: 4416
Scrub Brush w/Povidone Iodine
Minimum: None
SKU: 453053974
Michelle Patula CPM Birth Kit
Minimum: 1
SKU: 4648
Minimum: None
SKU: 4415
WG AfterBirth Sitz Bath
Minimum: None
SKU: 453055178