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Product Kits - Gates, Cheryl BirthKit

NOTE:  Required items are listed with the required quantity. Optional items are listed with a quantity of 0.  Adjust optional item quantities to greater than 0 if you wish to order them.  Cheryl prefers that you don't take anything off, feel free to increase anything.

Trillium Birth Certificate
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453063316
Kleenprint Footprinter
Minimum: 2
SKU: 453057141
Underpads 23x36
Minimum: 17
SKU: 453053975
Promise Peach Pads
Minimum: 6
SKU: 453055095
Scrub Brush/ Hibiclens
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453053982
Thermometer-Digital - w/beeper
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453053899
Bulb Syringe 2oz
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453053980
Medline Sterile Vinyl Medium Pairs
Minimum: 2
SKU: 453055154
Miltex Ez-Zyme All Purpose Enzyme Cleaner
Minimum: 2
SKU: 453059802
Cotton Blend Newborn Hat
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453057377
Mesh Panty
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453058558
Paper Tape Measure, Disposable
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453054347
Umbilical Cord Clamp Sterile Plastic
Minimum: 2
SKU: 453057146
Cord Ring Cetro
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453061285
Minimum: 1
SKU: 453053969
Gates, Cheryl BirthKit
Minimum: 1
SKU: 4508
Minimum: None
SKU: 4415
Eldon Card Kits
Minimum: None
SKU: 453053928
Pool in a Box Eco Regular Liner
Minimum: None
SKU: 453061100
La Bassine Regular Pool-outstock
Minimum: None
SKU: 453059104
La Bassine Liner
Minimum: None
SKU: 453060534
Pool in a Box Eco Mini Liner
Minimum: None
SKU: 453061059
Pool In a Box Mini Size Pool with a Liner
Minimum: None
SKU: 453063040
Aquarium Pool 60in Plus Fitted Liner
Minimum: None
SKU: 453063096
Moisturizer Lansinoh HPA®.25 oz. Tube
Minimum: None
SKU: 453054107
Born At Home Onsie Newborn
Minimum: None
SKU: 453063709
Born At Home Onsie 6 months
Minimum: None
SKU: 453058165
Born At Home T-Shirt newborn
Minimum: None
SKU: 453058248